Proposed Data Quality Evaluation Method for a Transportation Agency

  • Fatimah Mohamad Yunus
  • Pritheega Magalingam
  • Nurazean Maarop
  • Ganthan Narayana Samy
  • Doris Hooi-Ten Wong
  • Bharanidharan Shanmugam
  • Sundresan Perumal


The data quality evaluation is essential towards designing a data assessment method for any company because data is an important asset. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to develop the data quality evaluation method for a transportation agency in Malaysia in order to quantify the quality of data in the SIKAP licensing system. This can benefit the transportation agency to improve the quality of data for the use of reporting, forecasting business operations and data integration with other agency’s systems. The relevant data evaluation dimensions have been identified from literature study and relative data evaluation framework which are necessarily required by the transportation agency to maintain high data quality in the SIKAP system. The process design for the proposed method involves data dimension identification, capturing the relevant database structure, subjective evaluation with a questionnaire and objective evaluation with data profiling. From the design process, the result shows that data evaluation method for a transportation agency must have a minimum of six data quality dimensions. SIKAP, the legacy system is in the process to revamp into a new system. Thus, this research contributes to enhance the current system’s data quality during revamping process and data migration into the new system.

May 21, 2018
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