Effect of Social Media on Human Interpersonal Communication: A Review

  • Doris Hooi-Ten Wong
  • Chen-Siang Phang
  • Nurazean Maarop
  • Ganthan Narayana Samy
  • , Roslina Ibrahim
  • Rasimah Che Mohd Yusoff
  • Pritheega Magalingam
  • Nurulhuda Firdaus Mohd Azmi


Nowadays, social media sites have become very popular and provide more convenient lifestyle to the people today. It has modernized the way people connect, interact and socialize with each other. Due to proliferate of social websites and applications, social media has become an indispensable part of life with the increase in complexities of contemporary times. Besides, the variety of social networking platforms delivered by developers gives end user most likely to facilitate communication by sharing through text, video and audio streams. As a matter of fact, the diversity of entertainments in social media sites might cause an individual over spending time on the computer or smartphone. These circumstances show that people might physically become inactive to learn new knowledge and lack of interest to go for outdoor activities. The main purpose of this study is to find out the communication problem among people. This study entails the investigation to discover social media is playing a key role in human’ current lifestyle.

May 21, 2018
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